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  1. Earlier on this year we wrote the following...

    Unfortunately like many people around the country we are having to postpone many wonderful events. We really miss meeting lots of amazing people; helping to deliver their perfect ocassion and creating very special memories. These are extra ordinary times but we will get through it together and we are heartened daily by the wonderful stories we hear from people helping others; from a bunch of flowers left on a doorstep, to a conversation with a long lost friend, to a full blown wedding via Zoom with jelly wedding rings!  In these times of darkness there are brilliant shafts of light and when we return to our busy lives lets hope we hold on to this very special connection we have made with family, friends and strangers across the globe.

    Looking back, this has indeed been a very strange year. A year that none of us would dared to have thought possible, the stuff of nightmares!  And yet, here we are, some of us battered and bruised by the events of recent times, none the less we are still hopeful and remaining strong.

    Maybe this terrible year has actually bought about some positive changes too... the importance of family and friends for us has certainly been key to us remaining cheerful. It is because of them we want to make the very best of of any time we can get together this Christmas to say 'thank you' and to show them just how much we really care.  It won't be through expensive gifts (although those are always nice to receive!) but in times shared together.  Spending time together, as we have learned above all this year, is the most precious gift you could ever give or receive.

    Christmas fun



    Who doesn't love strawberries?! Bright, red, juicy and full of flavour. Although now a days they can be purchased all year round there is nothing quite like a freshly picked, English strawberry. 

    Strawberries for many epitomise summer. They transport us back to our childhood- each summer as children we would go strawberry picking, eating far more than we put in our little green cardborad punnets. Our hands would be stained with the red flesh of the strawberry and our lips tinted with a bright red lipstick - a sure tell tale sign. Happy memories.

    Strawberries and champagne, strawberries and cream, strawberries with a gentle sprinkling of sugar or just as they are- strawberries are loved by many.

    My 2 year old daughter simply can't get enough of these juicy jewels and I'm delighted. Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C and K as well as providing a good dose of folic acid, magnesium, potassium and fibre. Their fibre and fructose content can help regulate blood sugar levels by slowing down digestion. They are also thought to reduce inflammatory conditions and heart disease. Rubbing a strawberry over your teeth on a regular basis is also supposed to help whiten them.

    Who would have thought that this little red gem would have so many valuable properties.

    So why not treat yourself and indulge in our new:

    Strawberry Afternoon Tea

    A plentiful supply of delicious fresh strawberries and clotted cream, traditional breakfast tea and sugar cubes, all served on our beautiful vintage crockery.

    Strawberry Fayre


    Why not try one of the mouth watering suggestions below yourself this summer:

    small strawberry Simple Strawberry Eton Mess
    small strawberry No cook Strawberry and Balsamic tartlets
    small strawberry Salmon, Strawberry and Fennel salad